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We provide highly detailed and advanced analyses over a wide spectrum of needs.  Our projections are accurate to within 1% per year.  Review each of our suite of products that can provide greater insight and data about your school district and local area.

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Since 2004, Business Information Services, LLC has performed analysis and support for school districts across the country impacting more than 1.3 million students.  Make your school district the next to benefit from our expertise by contacting us today.

Demographics Information
& Enrollment

We provide the most comprehensive demographic study and analysis available on the market today anywhere in the country. Our typical demographic study has 60-80 maps, nearly 100 tables and graphs and includes data for the last 25 years for enrollment, building permits and economic data.


Each study is custom-designed to include the information that you believe is most relevant and needed. We provide 10 years of enrollment projections based on three different statistical models.

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Boundary Analysis
& Modification

Whether you’re opening or closing a school, you need accurate information on how to assign the remaining students to get the maximum use from your buildings.

We will incorporate the criteria you want in drawing the attendance boundary lines into accurate scenarios that will help explain the changes to your patrons. Our process for redrawing the lines is open and easy-to-follow.

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Site Selection

Choosing a location for a new building, or deciding which school to close is always difficult.  We will provide you with a list of potential sites based on population growth patterns, traffic counts, utilities and many other inputs.  We help facilitate the process by presenting independent and impartial recommendations for you and the school board to consider when deciding where to best expand or repurpose existing buildings.

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Closing School Analysis

Our firm has worked with several school districts on actually closing buildings, repurposing buildings and developing possible scenarios. This is a skillset that requires much analysis of many factors to make the right decision at the right time. 

Map Products

We can create custom designed wall maps or build online maps around any specific criteria you need.  The maps can be processed quickly and inexpensively and will visually present information is very understandable ways.

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Elections &
Voter Analysis

Winning a school bond or levy issue on a ballot initiative is never easy, no matter if your district has achieved past success.  In today’s political environment it is essential to know the voter base.   We will identify a list of likely voters for your election and perform a precinct-level analysis of how many votes you will need from each area of your district to win.

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